the official Seattle chapter of the poleproject

What's this all about?

Hey, I'm Krista! I run Strange in Nature Studio in Seattle, Wa. I believe art heals not just the viewer, but the creator & anyone it comes into contact with. To me, that's something that is beautiful to create, cultivate, and share. I also feel like that kind of healing is deserved to be accessible to all.  

The very basis of the #portpoleproject, in the words of BlackAdderPress - the OG of it all - is:  it is a creative movement rooted in the principle that 'public displays of kindness & generosity are the rich soil in which communities grow.'

Check out the full history of the #seapoleproject


Wish to Participate?

Do you live in Seattle and want to join the seapoleproject? just put out some art, and use the hashtag for visibility! Are you stuck and don't quite know how to get started?

I've created a free ZIP folder with formatted ready-to-print files & text prompts to help you get started with your drops! If you're elsewhere, they can also serve as a basis to create your own, or just reach out and I'll make some customized ready-to-print files for you!

Steps to Sharing your Art!

Pole Project Reach:


The OG project, started in Newburyport, Ma!

Follow the IG tag: #portpoleproject


First official chapter outside of Newport! 

Follow the IG tag: #seapoleproject

Interested in adding your city's chapter to the roster?

Just get in touch!

Are you a Seattle local artist looking for gallery, market, and event opportunities? Check out opencallsseattle